Everything I Eat Nourishes Me, A Cookbook for Body & Soul is a book about love and food, trust and nourishment, and the stories around the recipes we create. It is a self-care book that will allow your own experience of foods and cooking to be your guide.

Some comments from reviewers:

“Everything I Eat Nourishes Me offers a refreshing, revolutionary approach to both cooking and eating, one which eliminates the taboos and guilts previously attached to delicious food. The recipes vary from elegant to down-home fare. This is food that you can go into the kitchen and make yourself – food that not only makes you feel good when you are eating it, but also when you are cooking it. This down-to-earth cookbook shows us the nurturing power of food, feeds the soul with its powerful, positive affirmations and encourages us to trust our inner choices.”
Sandra Squadrilli, chef and former owner of Entre Nous, Café Kabul and Sandra’s Restaurant in New York City

“A sumptuous feast of a book! A celebration of the art of homecooking, redolent with the spice of life. Each cherished recipe is an open invitation to partake in food shared and enjoyed over generations and cultures. A pleasurable and soul-satisfying banquet where everyone has a place at the table.”
Patricia Reis, writer and psychotherapist

In this book are the deeply personal stories that come from the colorful lives of the contributors. Hopefully, they will inspire you to create your own stories around the foods you prepare and eat and become aware of how they nourish you and can keep nourishing you. With conscious eating, you will learn to savor the foods you choose to eat. May they bring joy, passion, nourishment and health to your table.