. . . in Everything I Eat Nourishes Me, A Cookbook for Body & Soul ©2010…

“The way of the heart is the foundation of this book, a cookbook for body & soul. When we listen with our hearts, we hear the way to our personal nourishment. And if we follow our hearts in the way of food, we will be nourished. A plate of food has a story to tell and its story touches us, moves us, fills us. I have talked with many people during the creation of this book and, without exception, when they begin to remember and relate their memories, feelings and thoughts about the recipes they are sharing, a light appears on their countenances and a lilt frames their voices.”

“Stories are clues and guides to our deepest sources of nourishment. They come from the heart of our nature and speak with great authority about what is meaningful to us. They are our personal authorities, because they are our personal experiences, rich with all that connects us to life.”

I’d like to share with you a sample recipe/story from the book: Excerpt from “Everything I Eat Nourishes Me”

Please feel free to leave comments with your own stories about family recipes and food experiences, and why they are meaningful and nourishing to you.